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What to Look for in a Pass Plus course Review

Pass plus driving lesson

What is a Pass Plus course?

Drivers can improve their driving skills by taking the Pass Plus course. It will take you no more than six hours and is design to improve your driving skills. A fully qualified driving instructor must be registered with the DVSA to give lessons. So if you’re interested in getting your learner’s licence, you’ll want. It’s beneficial the year after you pass your driving test and will help you gain confidence.

Pass Plus consists of six modules designed to teach the driver about driving.

  • In the town or center of the city
  • in all conditions related to weather
  • On village roads
  • At night time
  • On double-decker roads
  • On highways and motorways

Practical sessions are critical for each module, but it’s up to you to decide whether there should also be a theoretical component.

In the town or centre of the city

You’ll be taking some lessons to drive better in an urban environment. It’s a good idea to go over this module, so you are ready for the more advanced driving lessons. Urban driving can be a good refresher for those who usually commute by road. And those who have not been on the roads for a long time. You’ll learn how to safely navigate complex traffic conditions, including intersections, overpasses, and trams.

Book Your Lesson Today - The Process with Drivefix Driving School

Step 1

Tell us your Requirement

Step 2

We listen, take notes & then choose a suitable instructor.

Step 3

We book your assessment lesson.

Step 4

Drivefix’s instructor gives you feedback.

Step 5

We put your lessons in leading up to your test.

Step 6

Planning your course gives you the best chance of passing first

Step 7

The probability of passing the first time with us is over 90%

Step 8

Freedom and welcome to the pass first-time club!

All-weather driving

Learning to drive in extreme weather conditions is a good idea if you haven’t driven in extreme conditions. This section covers the importance of stopping distances and describes what causes your tyres to lose traction in bad weather.

On village roads

If you want to take your driving skills to the next level, try driving in the countryside. In rural areas, driving in the countryside offers many dangers for those. Who drive in built-up areas, including blind curves, animals on the road, and overtaking slow vehicles. This section gives the reader tips to avoid getting run over by dangerous objects, such as horse riders, cyclists, farmers, and animals, and tips on what to do if you come across any road in the village.

We won’t be beaten on price

Please contact us if you discover a business that offers the following services for less money than we do so that we can at least match their price.

  • We never employ trainees; only fully qualified driving instructors.
  • All of our instructors are from the region in which you will take your test. Understanding the exam routes and the overall caliber of the instruction depends on this.
  • Every single one of our instructors who teaches the intensive courses. Received at least a grade of 5 on their most recent check test. The highest grades are fifth and sixth.
Manual Lesson
Per Hour From
£ 300 | 6 Hours From

Automatic Lesson
Per Hour From

£ 300 | 6 Hours From

Night time driving

You may have had little experience with night driving. But this module will help you feel more confident when it comes time to drive at night. Regarding safety, it’s essential to know the correct use of headlamps, how to adapt to different light levels, and how to judge distances and speeds.

Dual carriageways

You may not feel as though you’re ready to drive on dual carriageways, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting behind the wheel. Learn how to join and leave the carriageway via slip roads, overtake lane discipline, and safe distances.

Motorways Driving

Learners can now have lessons on motorways with a qualified instructor, but you may still find them intimidating. This module will help you drive safely at different speeds, deal with the effects of motorway fatigue, manage your car in an emergency, use lanes correctly, and understand the signs on the road.

Is there a test at the end of Pass Plus

When you finish this course, your instructor will assess you and will be completing a training report form. To pass, you must meet the required standards in each module. Once you complete Pass Plus, you must send in a training report form signed by you and your instructor. Your certificate will be available to download.

Who can take Pass Plus?

Some auto insurance companies may discount your coverage if you complete Pass Plus. When you need a passport to travel internationally, you’ll need to provide details of your Pass Plus certificate. Make sure you receive your signed training report form from the DVSA.

What is the price of Pass Plus?

You can get a Pass Plus price in your area using a price-checker. Visit the pricing section of the website to see the latest price. The cost of a private driver training course can vary depending on where you live. How long your training takes, and what training school or driving instructor you use. However, we expect the average price to be in the region of £150-£200. Contact your council to see if they offer any discounts on your training. You might get a discount for completing training. A pass plus Cymru costs £20 in Wales. To book a course with Drivefix, you’ll need to contact your driving instructor or us if they’re approved.

Is pass plus course worthy

The Drivefix Driving School Pass Plus driving course can help you overcome some of your anxieties; it covers and is a good value for money.

Is the Pass Plus course an intensive driving course

The Pass Plus course is all about how to drive well, so it’s packed with information that will help you improve your driving skills. In-person training is ideal. And if you want to devote more time to your training. We suggest you look at options that include both live training and remote access. It’s a good idea to practise the skills you’ve learned during the course over a more extended period to ensure that you maintain your progress. You can learnt faster by starting slowly. This will help you build up your skills gradually instead of trying to remember everything all at once.

You should break the training into three two-hour blocks

Managing your time carefully will help ensure that you are relaxed during the course, which could damage your driving. There’s no rule saying you can only schedule these sessions at certain times. This course is mean to be a practical experience, comprising at least five and a half hours of driving. On the other hand, there are times when weather conditions and local availability aren’t conducive to this, so some elements may be given as theory sessions.

The Pass Plus Certificate

Once you’ve reached the required Pass Plus standard in all modules, your instructor will give you a training report form that you both must sign. Be sure not to lose it, as you’ve got to send it to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) for them to issue your Pass Plus certificate. To get the Pass Plus discount, you must have the official certificate.

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