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Things to Consider Before Starting an Intensive driving course

Intensive Driving lesson at Drivefix Driving SchoolThere are a lot of intensive driving courses, but they all vary. Cost, length, and effectiveness are three key aspects of a practical intensive driving course. They’re a great way to brush up on areas that need more training. And also an excellent way to spend time and money.

Some drivers, especially young drivers, may enjoy a more leisurely driving style. According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Drivers must get an average of 47 lessons before they pass their practical driving test. Students sometimes spread their course over six months to a year. But if you’re in a hurry to obtain your driver’s licence. You can get a crash course, also known as an intensive driving course.

These courses provide you with a fantastic amount of study time in a brief period, which means that when you finally take your practical driving test, you’ll be able to drive like a pro.

What is an intensive driving course?

The intensive driving course crams hours of tuition into a short period, and the aim is to get you to pass your practical driving test quickly.

There are other ways to pass your driving test. If you want to take it without getting into a massive accident. Try using the Driving Test Quiz to prepare for your test.

In an intensive driving course, you receive the same one-on-one in-car tuition with a qualified instructor. That you’d typically spread over weeks or months. Intensive driving courses are often tailored to focus on areas where people struggle. Such as avoiding distractions or staying focused when driving in heavy traffic.

Most driving schools are structured so that you must pass the written test before taking the practical test. This usually means you must pass your theory test before signing up. It depends on which vehicle you use. Most of the time, you’ll learn in your instructor’s vehicle, but if you’re using your car, you’ll need a short-term learner.

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Who is eligible to enroll in an intensive driving course?

or those who don’t have time to do this as part of their driver’s course, you can get intensive driving lessons at the driving school. These can sometimes be daily lessons between two and five hours long and typically two weeks. You can get your learner’s permit and become qualified to drive in two weeks.

Lesson scheduling in blocks

When you learn from someone, it’s much easier to learn quickly. One way to do this is to book lessons with us at a bulk rate. As a result, you can progress rapidly through your driving skills without cutting corners.

We won’t be beaten on price

Please contact us if you discover a business that offers the following services for less money than we do so that we can at least match their price.

  • We never employ trainees; only fully qualified driving instructors.
  • All of our instructors are from the region in which you will take your test. Understanding the exam routes and the overall caliber of the instruction depends on this.
  • Every single one of our instructors who teaches the intensive courses. Received at least a grade of 5 on their most recent check test. The highest grades are fifth and sixth.
Manual Lesson
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£ 1020 | 30 Hours From

Automatic Lesson
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£ 1020 | 30 Hours From

How long is the intensive driving course?

An intensive driving course varies in length, depending on your skill level. The availability of your driver education instructors, and the school or the instructor. Courses that are shorter than a week and cheaper are more popular. You might spend as much time as five hours a day in your vehicle during these fast courses.

Other courses only offer two weeks of instruction. A course that bills itself as intensive will often focus on teaching you specific skills in a limited amount of time.

If you have a short time frame or want to keep your schedule flexible. you might be better off opting for an accelerated intensive driving course. You could choose two full days of lessons if you need to brush up on a few skills before the test

Your driving school will provide an assessment to determine how much instruction you need and can help you find an appropriate class schedule. You may not need to show your driving skills before beginning your test.

Can you pass your test so quickly?

We don’t doubt someone can take a 2-week course and pass the test. But we doubt that this provides a comprehensive foundation for becoming a safe, competent driver. Passing the driver’s exam is possible whether it’s a 2-week or 2-year course. But we’re skeptical that this will provide a complete foundation for safe driving.

When may I apply for my driving test?

If you apply for your practical test, there is no minimum requirement for how much time you must spend practising or how many lessons you have to take. If you’re new to driving, taking a road test before getting your licence is helpful. Practise makes perfect. You should get an intensive driver’s course if you’ve got the time and interest.

When does your trainer consider you qualified to obtain a licence?

Another consideration for those in a hurry is that you might need help to get a driving test slot. Many test centers book up well in advance, which means it could be months before you take your first test. You should factor in intensive driving lessons when you book an intensive driving lesson.

We recommend

Trying to pack in everything at once won’t make learning more efficient. Taking your driving lessons over a more extended period. with a more structured approach and a clear lesson plan, will help you learn all the skills necessary for life on the road. Don’t let the L plates throw you off course. With these helpful tips, you can pass your driving test the first time!


Will taking an intensive driving course increase my chances of passing my test?

Driving schools pitch their intensives as the perfect way to prepare for your driving test. But are you more likely to pass if you take a crash course? It depends on your learning style and confidence behind the wheel.

Some people thrive in cram sessions. Maintaining their energy and focus and retaining new information even after hours behind the wheel. They can also handle the pressure of taking the practical test after just a few days of instruction. Other people could benefit from learning more leisurely, giving them time to refresh and practise at home between lessons and slowly build their confidence as a driver.

There’s also a question of safety behind the wheel. While an intensive driving course may help you pass the test. You may not get experience driving in different conditions, including at night and in inclement weather. Some road safety organizations urge caution with intensive driving courses, which they argue don’t produce well-rounded drivers.

Does taking an intensive driving course make sense?

Intensive driving courses can put some learner drivers on the fast track to their licences. They’re a perfect choice if you’re a quick learner. Know the driving basics, and want experience and additional instruction before taking the test. However, they’re not worth it if you think you’ll struggle with the long days or want more diverse driving experiences before you take the test and set out driving solo.

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