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How to prepare and what to expect for your first driving lesson

Learning to drive can be intimidating, especially that very first lesson, but try to channel your nervousness into excitement and positive energy. Learning to drive is so worth it. It will open up new opportunities and will give you that bit of independence.

What to expect

In your first lesson, your instructor will help you familiarise yourself with gears, clutch control, signalling, checking mirrors, and stopping the car. You will not be in the driver’s seat immediately in the first lesson. Your instructor will first give you an overview of the controls, gears, mirrors, and doors. This is known as the cockpit drill. They will never take you onto the main road on your first lesson. They will take you to a quiet area where you can practice the cockpit drill and get used to the car.

How to prepare

⦁ Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and footwear to your lesson. Flat shoes should be worn for an easier feel of the control pedals.
⦁ Make sure to drink water before your lesson and take a water bottle with you. Keeping hydrated will help you concentrate. If feeling nervous, you may feel like skipping a meal, but do eat something light to give you energy.
⦁ Remember to take your provisional driving license with you, as this will prove that you are legally allowed to drive.
⦁ Read the highway code. It will help keep the rules and regulations of driving in your mind when learning to drive.

Your driving instructor will pick you up and drop you back at your desired location. Make sure you note the date and time of your lesson to ensure you are there on time.
It is normal to be nervous in your first lesson, you are not expected to be perfect at driving straight away, and you will get better with the amount of practice you get. This is why it is important to book your next lesson as soon as possible to build momentum.
Do not worry about making mistakes; remember that your instructor will help you fix your mistakes. All driving instructors use dual-controlled cars, which can help you if needed.
Feel free to discuss any worries and questions with your instructor. Remember, they are there to help and guide you.

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