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Driving Lessons in Sutton Rose Hill

Delivering top-notch driving lessons in Sutton Rose Hill
Driving schools in Sutton Rose Hill with grade A ratings
Today in Sutton Rose Hill, take automatic driving lessons.
Providing driving lessons in Sutton Rose Hill at reasonable rates
Female Driving instructor in Sutton Rose Hill
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Driving School in Sutton Rose Hill

Drivefix Driving School has years of experience and is approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Therefore, you are guaranteed a qualified instructor who will help you gain a suitable level of experience and knowledge, and they will prepare you for the theory and practical driving tests.

You’re driving instructor will give you between 2-6 hours of lessons in quiet, less busy places such as Morden Driving Test Centre is situated on a busy road itself, so you’ll need to do some practice pulling out onto the main road to see if you feel comfortable on it.

You’ll also learn about roundabouts, such as the Rose Hill Roundabout, which has multiple lanes and exits close together, making it easy to go in the wrong direction if you need to know your way around it.

You don’t have to take any expensive driving lessons because your driving instructor already covers all the tricky areas of the road.

Why us

All, our instructors are licensed by the DVSA, ensuring you get the highest quality. They are experienced, and they know the local areas in London.

They provide a great service, preparing you for your practical test while also emphasising safe driving for life. All our instructors are usually able to pick up and drop you off.

Driving instructors should be informed about new developments in automotive technology. They should know how different people respond to driving.

Drivers are getting more challenging every day. Some people rely on the best driving school to help them easily get behind the wheel.

 Don’t worry about all these hurdles, and start your driving lesson with Drivefix at an affordable price.


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  • Book your driving lessons for just £9.99
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  • Our instructors hold DVSA certifications.
Automatic Driving Lessons in Sutton Rose Hill
Begin your automatic driving lessons with us today
We have committed instructors who can assist you in passing quickly.
Drivefix offer great discounts on all automatic lessons and block reservations.
We often have students pass in 10-15 hours from scratch, so you can be confident that we won’t drag out your courses.
Manual Driving Lessons in Sutton Rose Hill
Drivefix Driving schools in Sutton Rose Hill also provide manual driving lessons.
We offer great discounts on all manual driving lessons and block reservations.
Greatest offer ever: Study at a reputable driving school that values its students

The only national driving school with hundreds of reviews and a 5-STAR rating on TrustPilot!

Begin your manual driving lessons with us today
We ensure that our pricing won’t be lowered for a minimum of 90 days.

What are the prices for driving lessons in Sutton Rose Hill?

Our 1st-time pass rate in your area is 92.2%
Over the last 12 months

What is the public opinion of Drivefix's?

Rated 5 out of 5

I took only 12-14 lessons and did Pass the practical test on the first attempt🤘🤘.
I took lessons from miss Saima (Drivefix) and she really put a lot of effort to make sure I pass the practical driving test on the first attempt and surely I DiD.
Really friendly and focused teacher.
Definitely Recommended.

Rating: 5

Dear Drivefix, I don’t have enough words to express my experience and emotions. I had taken many many lessons and had failed the tests before I met you. I did decide not to pursue driving anymore but all credit to you who gave me confidence and convenience me to try once with you. You are amazing and you did turn everything around. I got it and I still don’t believe I did it but all credit goes to you.

Rating: 5

She was an awesome great driving instructor she help me a lot from the start. It’s a big achievement for me but only because of her.
Thanks a lot for everything Drivefix

Rating: 5
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Send us your query regarding driving classes in Sutton Rose Hill, and we’ll try our best to respond and add it to our
frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Prior to starting the lesson, your instructor will examine your eyesight, and provisional license, and inquire about any prior experience. They’ll probably drive to a nearby peaceful place if you’ve never driven before.

Your instructor will discuss your strengths and problems with you after your lesson. Also, they will make a note of what was discussed and provide you with advice and direction.

We aim to cover most of the U.K. with our wide network of driving instructors so that everyone has the chance to take courses with the top driving school.
You’ll be in good hands because our driving instructors have extensive expertise and are fully licensed. All lessons are given in cars with two controls so that your instructor can take control if necessary and learners can feel more secure.
In order to assist students to pass as quickly as possible, our driving school is very focused on training safe and confident drivers. Since we have a 92% first-time pass record in Sutton Rose Hill, choosing to learn with us already improves your probability of passing your practical test the first time.
Our semi-intensive courses provide our students the option to start out slowly and build up their lesson load as they go. We provide you the option to convert to an intensive course at any moment if you begin by taking your sessions once a week.
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