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The Top 9 Traits to Look for in a Professional Driving Instructor UK

Learning how to drive is a major milestone in anyone’s life, and choosing the right driving instructor can make all the difference. A good driving instructor can not only teach you how to drive, but also build your confidence behind the wheel, help you understand the rules of the road, and prepare you for your driving test. In this article, we will discuss 9 qualities to look for in a driving instructor in the UK. When seeking the best driving instructors near me in the UK, it’s crucial to identify these top 9 essential traits for a successful learning experience.

DVSA Stamp of Approval

The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards organisation) is the UK government organisation in charge of driving standards, driving examinations, and driving instructor regulation. When looking for a driving instructor, search for someone who has been approved by the DVSA. This indicates that the instructor has reached particular quality and professionalism criteria, as well as passed the relevant tests and assessments. Finding driving instructors with the DVSA stamp of approval ensures you’re on the right path to locating the best driving instructors near me.


When it comes to selecting a driving instructor, experience is crucial. An experienced instructor will comprehend the traffic rules as well as the various driving tactics and styles that are best suited to individual pupils. They will also have extensive experience teaching students of all ages and abilities, and will be able to tailor their teaching method to your specific requirements.


Learning to drive can be a nerve-wracking experience, and it’s important to have an instructor who is patient and understanding. A good driving instructor will be able to put you at ease, answer your questions, and give you constructive feedback without making you feel judged or criticised.

Friendship Material

Driving Lessons London can be long and intense, and it’s important to have an instructor who you get on well with. Look for an instructor who is friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to. A good driving instructor will not only teach you how to drive, but will also be someone you can trust and rely on for support and guidance.

A Teaching Style That Suits You

Everyone learns differently, therefore it’s essential to select an instructor whose teaching style matches yours. Some students prefer a more hands-on approach, whereas others prefer a more planned, step-by-step method. Look for a teacher that is willing to modify their teaching method to meet your needs and who is willing to collaborate with you to find the ideal strategy for you. Discover driving instructors who can adapt their teaching style to suit your needs among the best driving instructors near you.

Good Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital for successful driving lessons. A good driving instructor should be able to explain difficult concepts in simple words and deliver clear and succinct directions. They will also be able to listen to your issues and feedback and provide constructive input in an understandable manner.

Someone You Can Rely On

To accomplish things correctly with the DVSA, you must be reasonably organised and punctual—they have little sympathy for missing licences or late learners. Because your instructor will most likely be the one driving you to the test centre and preparing you for the examiner, you must ensure that they are trustworthy. When searching for the best driving instructors near me, you’ll want someone you can rely on for expert guidance and support.

Cancelling too many classes or, God forbid, arriving late to the exam centre will seriously jeopardise your chances of passing. You and your instructor both need to be organised and on time.


Driving is challenging, especially for rookie drivers. The greatest instructors are prepared for the unforeseen and will not lose their cool if you make a mistake. Dual controls are installed so that the instructor can take control of the vehicle if something goes wrong. So there’s no need for your instructor to be anything but calm as a breeze.

As you may have picked up from practice drives with adults, when someone in the car is tense, it may be quite distracting for the driver. Fortunately, the contrary is also true: if your driving instructor is calm and informal you should feel at ease behind the wheel.

Recommended by Others

Word of mouth is one of the best methods to discover an excellent driving instructor. Inquire with your friends, family, and coworkers if they have any recommendations for a driving instructor in your area. Look for someone with a high reputation who has assisted others in passing their driving tests. You may be confident that every instructor in our fleet has been thoroughly validated by our professional team at DriveFix Driving School London. There’s no need to look for the essential features yourself because we’ve done it for you! Browse through some of our top pass images and customer reviews to see evidence of their abilities in action. The evidence is in the scores!

Our Verdict

Choosing the right driving instructor is crucial to your success on the road. DriveFix driving instructors offer a high-quality and professional driving experience for learners in the UK. With a team of experienced, patient, and friendly instructors who are DVSA approved, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our students. 

If you’re looking for a driving instructor that ticks all the boxes, look no further than DriveFix Driving School London.

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